Bag Talk: LV’s Neverfull

By on January 25, 2018

I’ve never been a big fan of LV. I think it’s due to having received items from LV growing up and design not being so spectacular (though leather quality has always been pretty decent), so the specialness of it kind of wore off on me.

I needed a more “big” bag, but not too big, so I thought the Neverfull MM was perfect for my new daily bag.

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Bag talk: Gucci Dionysus (Review)

By on April 27, 2017

I’ve never been a Gucci fan, but I’ve been eying Gucci’s Dionysus bag for a while. After a good amount of time debating and having a bad week where my mentality went to “treat yo self,” I bought it.

I went back and forth if I wanted the original print or the one with the blooms embroidery Dionysus bag, but I stuck with the classic print.

(Images of the bags are from Gucci’s site)

I am thinking of getting the blooms print wallets, though. I’m not too sure which one yet, but these were the top ones that I’m thinking of getting:  garden floral wallet, Blooms card case, II variation of Blooms card case, III version of Blooms card case.

I know that buying material things don’t solve your problems, but there’s some comfort of having something you can call your own.

Anyways, off to my review on my new bag:

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