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Travel Diaries: Portland

By on July 9, 2018

Over Memorial weekend, my college best friend, Kristina, and I reunited in Portland! She flew from NYC and I flew from the Bay Area. I haven’t seen her for about 3 years since we’ve last seen each other. It’s ridiculous, yes I know, but I’m so glad that we finally got to see each other after so long. We did a mix of things in Portland from nature-related things to tastings to exploring.

****image heavy ****

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I try to win you back, that is the point of the writing, but you are gone forever

By on June 11, 2018



Woot just wrapped up my first quarter! I have two weeks of break and then summer session starts. The first thing I did after my last class wasย meet up with Shi-an and eat at this place called Onigillyย located downtown Palo Alto. The rice balls were good, but it was a bit pricey for 3. I would have liked either another rice ball or a side item.

Thoughts of my 1st quarter:

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