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Travel Diaries: Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone

June 24, 2018
Part II of the travel diaries of my trip to Japan!
Before heading to Kyoto, we went a bit further south and visited Osaka. By the time we got to, Osaka,  it was mid-afternoon, so the first thing off the train we did was head to get some food at Fukiageya. I’ve never had an egg where the egg whites are this fluffy. The chicken was also really good. They use this gorgeous local chicken called “Kurosatsuma dori,” and their dishes are oyakodon (rice topped with chicken and egg) style, with some hitsumabushi (meat pieces blended with rice), and yogan-yaki (roast on a hot stone)!  After eating, we did some shopping at the Pokemon center. I didn’t get as many things as I would have liked to, was hoping to get some ditto fusion plushies, but I got a couple of items.
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Before leaving Osaka, we went to go see the Osaka Place. I forgot how long of a trek it was to get up there, but we had to move swiftly because it was going to close soon. I didn’t end up going into the castle. Michael did,  I sat in the gardens since my feet were really sore and I needed rest. Once we saw the castle, we headed to Kyoto. We stayed at a ryokan. By the time we got to Kyoto, it was late, and I was super hungry. We had teppanyaki for dinner. I love, love teppanyaki.

Being in Kyoto and seeling shrines and temples, I thought it would be a good idea to get another kimono rental again. Our first day in Kyoto, we visited Higashiyama, Downtown, and Fushimi-Inari.  We attended a tea ceremony after getting our kimonos.

There was a studio Ghibli store next to the kimono rental store, and they had such cute items! Some of the stuff that was being sold was the usual iconic items that you could find here in the USA, but they had a mother’s day special where they had different Totoro style flower pots. There were four styles I believe, and each was so detailed. Michael ended up getting one. I wonder what flower he ended up choose to put in it.
For our dinner, we went to xx and had Kobe. Afterward, we went to go visit Niti it’s a cute bar-restaurant with a wide selection of whiskey. The pasta here was divine as well. I don’t think I have had such a good dish of pasta for a very long time. I’m salivating thinking about it. The following two days were more shrine visits (Specific areas — Friday: Arashiyama, Kinkaku-ji, and Daitoku-ji, Saturday: Kurama, Kibune, and Northern Higashiyama ).
After our shrine visits on Friday, we went to go visit. We were greeted with the owner himself, and besides being the owner of the sake store he has his own line of sake as well! Being friends with his best friend, he showed us around, and basically, we got special treatment.
We were able to get a reservation and visit the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery on Saturday. If you know me, I really enjoy Japanese whiskey. My favorite is Suntory 17 years (am pretty sad that it’s being discontinued, but I am glad I do have a bottle). I did get my hands on the 2017 special release though when I was there, so I was pretty happy about that.
 Before heading back to Tokyo on Sunday, we dropped by Hakone. Michael messed up on reading the prices for tickets for the train, so we ended up getting the ‘reserved’ train, which was supposed to be nicer, but it was about the same quality as the normal train. Womp, womp. The timing for Hakone wasn’t the best, but we got to see all the main spots!  Fuji-san and our dinner that night was so good!
Anyways, this wraps up my post! One more post about Japan to wrap up my trip coming next week. Hope you guys like reading this as much as I enjoyed recollecting my memories of Japan! ~


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