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I try to win you back, that is the point of the writing, but you are gone forever

June 11, 2018



Woot just wrapped up my first quarter! I have two weeks of break and then summer session starts. The first thing I did after my last class was meet up with Shi-an and eat at this place called Onigilly located downtown Palo Alto. The rice balls were good, but it was a bit pricey for 3. I would have liked either another rice ball or a side item.

Thoughts of my 1st quarter:


  • Loved, loved my social and ethics course. It made me realized how much I really missed taking humanities courses.
  • Wished I was able to take away more from my comp bio course.
  • Time management — didn’t think I did that bad with my time management, does need some more improvement, but I need to be more careful with how I divide my time these upcoming quarters.
  • Made a new friend – Shi-an and I have run together since the quarter started and will be continuing! Woooot!


Working full-time and being a full-time student is challenging — but it is possible. I have learned to better divide my time these past couples of weeks, and it has been quite fun learning different topics!

In the meantime, since I have two weeks off, I’ll be taking some time to myself but will also be prepping for my next course. I’m hoping to get my next post on Japan up here by the end of this week! I’ve had trouble selecting images, but this next post will mainly consist of images and not text.
Anyways, what are your summer plans? Doing anything fun for the 4th of July or taking weekend trips?

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