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I’m between your past and future now

June 1, 2018


I’ve been somewhat better at posting this past month (at least, I think I have! ).

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with school and work. I’m planning to submit two papers to two different conferences. Let’s see how that goes, though! The last conference I went to was very informative and it was nice to see what people in the community are trying to do.

Brief Recap of May:

  • Got back from Japan with Gromance
  • School and work project progressing — schools about to wrap up this month too. I’ve completed my first quarter of being a master student! I do need to turn in my study proposal for the next year by the end of this quarter! I have a decent outline, but I would like to explore more of the electives than the core and geared courses to solely improve skills due to the lack of background.
  • Went to Portland during Memorial Weekend and reunited with Kristina, my college best friend! I haven’t seen her in almost three years. Will post about my time in Portland soon after I get out my last post on my travel diaries on Japan.


What I’m wearing: Dress: Club Monaco (Similar), YSL WOCCartier Bracelet

Trying to get myself back on track with my monthly bucket list/ plans, here’s is mine for this month:

  • Exercise & Diet: I’m planning to go back to drinking Soylent. Since going to Lake Tahoe in March, I’ve been really bad with my diet. My exercising has been somewhat better because I run at least twice a week after class with my friend (thanks for keeping me accountable Shi-An)
  • Skincare: I’ve been so bad with my skincare lately to the point where when I look at my skin or touch it, I cringe. I visited a dermatologist (will post about my experience soon), so hopefully with their help, I can start retaking care of my skin again
  • Reading: I’m on a huge backlog for my New Yorker maganzines. I’m behind a monthish, and I’m hoping to be able to get to most of them. I don’t usually read the entire maganzine, more like 2-3 of the pieces, but I haven’t been able to touch them at all so that doesn’t feel great.
  • Sewing: I bought a good amount of fabrics before I left for Japan, and since the quarter is about to wrap up I’m planning to make some outfits for myself. It’ll be a fun side project. If any of you guys are interested in my WIP (work in progress), I can post stuff up on how I start with drafting and so forth. Let me know~
  • Rafting + Glamping Trip: Several of my friends and I are going to have glamping week trip with rafting later in June. I’m looking forward to it! It’ll be a nice mini vacation though I went on a mini vacation to Portland Memorial weekend.

What’s your bucket list for this month?



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