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Travel Diaries: Japan Haul

May 3, 2018
I’m going to start the first post of my Japan diaries with things I purchased. I thought this would be easier, especially since most of these items will be used soon or given away as gifts.
I’ll be splitting up my purchases via categories and writing a mini review on some of the items. ~

Food & Drinks:

A majority of these items are gifts for others, am missing some things, but I got:

  • Tokyo Banana (original, banana caramel, banana chocolate) — I thought these would be in a lot of locations, but I only found them at Tokyo Station
  • Pokémon lollipops
  • Choco pies — I know you can get the original in the US, but it’s the first time I saw t
  • Pocky — I know you can get these in the US, but I really liked the tennis cover of Snoopy on this one
  • Mochi/Rice crackers
  • Rilakuma & Mickey biscuits


I think most of this is self-explanatory, but if you didn’t know I love, love Japanese whiskey. My favorite is Hibiki’s 17 year, but those are relatively rare. Get it or drink a glass if you have a chance!  I did buy two bottles of sake but that’s because of President (see this post for more details — upcoming post from travel diaries). I can go write a post reviewing these whiskeys if anyone is interested!

Personal Care Items:

I have been the ultimate couch potato since I’ve moved back to the Bay. Sure, I have started to work out, but I haven’t been walking 5+ miles a day. My feet were super sore, but luckily there are these feet (blue box with feet) that helped smooth my feet. I ended up buying two boxes to take home.

 SlimWalk – Good Night Socks

I’ve debated back and forth on purchasing these and I’m glad I did! It’s not that cheaper than being on Amazon (savings of about $8). You’re supposed to wear them at night, and it compresses your leg making your legs slimmer. Love that benefit, but what I enjoy most about these is how it increases blood circulation and reducing water retention. My legs to feel lighter, but I can’t tell about the slimming effect. Maybe I’ll notice something through time. I like them a lot though, and I’m thinking of getting another one via Amazon.
I’m not used to wearing contacts every day. When I’m at work or school, I wear my glasses. Due to my high prescription, my contacts aren’t at the same as my glasses. It’s a bit weaker than my glasses prescription so things aren’t entirely as clear. Enough about my poor eyes, these drops These provide relief on itchy, dry eyes, eye mucus and blurry eyes, and since I don’t usually wear my contacts for a long duration of time they really saved my eyes. Go vitamin B12! The eye drops come in an angle-free nozzle, so the drops go directly into your eye and provide slight refreshing sensation once the drops contact your orbs. Something I also notice when using these drops is that it makes your eyes and eye makeup(if you’re wearing any) look brighter which is a bit different than other eye drops I have owned (seems to be used in a lot of photos shoots from what I read about these eye drops).
Since grade school, I’ve always collected Japanese magazines for exercise, makeup, hair, and fashion tips. I didn’t really use too much of the makeup tips since I didn’t really start wearing makeup until I was in college. Even now, post-college, I don’t wear makeup often. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but I usually wear my glasses during the week. Putting on makeup with glasses is pretty difficult for me so poop. Anyways, I purchased these three cream blushes since I’ve been really wanting to try different colors of blush, rather than the usual pink and peachy tone I have and Canmake has always been in those magazines I have owned. I love how you can build this color up by itself, but I end up using all three of the colors. I put the red in one spot, then the orange, and finally the purple.

Bioré Aqua Rich

I’m that person that always wears sunscreen out. I’ve heard and read so many reviews on this product that I thought I should get some. I haven’t used this out yet, still trying to finish up my sunscreen bottle first before opening another one, so I can’t write a full review on it. Things I do know about this sunscreen is that won the No. 1 sunscreen award on Cosme, it has a watery texture (used the sample one in the store), and it doesn’t leave your skin oily. I picked up two since it was on sale for $4 each. 

Amazon link: Around $9.79 USD free shipping

CANMAKE Color Mixing Concealer

 I wanted to try cream concealer for a while now. There are mixed reviews on this product, but it works well for me. I can easily mix the colors to get the skin color I want.  On the offical site, there’s this photo guide of which shade to apply to certain areas of your face (use it as a reference if you aren’t too sure what shade or areas you want to brighten up).


 Other miscellaneous things I picked up:
  • Pencils & Pens
  • Star bow hair tie
  • Twin Stars pouch
  • Ditto Derp
  • Cat socks
  • Postcards
  • Tsum Tsum mirror
  • Gudetama plushie
  • Suntory Yamazaki


Next up on Travel Diaries: Tokyo, Japan I

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