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We’ve all got baggage

April 18, 2018
I’ve been working for about two years now, and recently I have been going on more work-related trips (mainly conferences and workshops) and about to go out of the country soon (tomorrow to be exact!).
I went on one a couple of weeks ago in Lake Tahoe, and although it was fun it was quite exhausting. I haven’t been too work-related trips many, but since I’m flying out in a couple of days to Japan I wanted to write about what I think is essential to bring while going on a trip.

Some essentials I always remember to pack for any trip:
  • Crossbody bag: Most people like bringing a bigger bag, like a tote, or a backpack, but I find when I bring those types of bags I stuff more things than I need. I don’t want to be carrying everything, especially if I have to all day. I prefer bringing a crossbody bag that allows me to carry essentials (things listed below).
  • Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is so important when you’re on the go. I sometimes tend to forget this or cannot find a place to get water, so I usually pack a mini water bottle.
  • Chapstick & Liptint: I think because I’ve been trying to put more effort into my appearance I have been trying to touch up my face a bit more when I’m out. I don’t want to go powder my nose or anything of that sort, butΒ the reapplication of lip tint and chapstick is enough to look a bit more put together.
  • Business cards: You should always carry some business cards. I tend to have a few in my wallet and my backpack. You never know who you’ll be meeting. I know there’s always social media or finding someone online and contacting them, but I think there’s a nice touch to be able to give someone your information via card. When I first got my business cards, I was so taken back and felt really accomplished for having a card.
  • Phone & laptop charger (I have forgotten my phone charger multiple times): This one seems to be a no-brainer, but I have forgotten my phone charger and laptop charger at home before.
  • Snacks: I tend to be a snacker. Sometimes when you’re on the go or need to have something to munch on and don’t want to go out, it’s so convenient to have a bunch of packed snacks in your room and or bag. Some snacks I usually bring are Cliff Bars, Chocorooms, Ritz crackers, and fruit (sometimes).
  • Face mask: When I’m on the trip, I’m not as consistent with my skincare, but one thing that I try to do is wearΒ a face mask every other night. If it’s a long flight, I usually put on a face mask when I get on and remove it when the flight has landed.
  • Extra pair of clothes & undies: I tend to try to pack more on the light side and bringing only what I need. With all the trips I’ve been on, I always, always tend to buy items at the place I’m visiting. Β But something I make room for is an extra pair of clothes and undies that I leave in my carry-on and not my check-in luggage because of worse case scenario if your luggage is lost you have some emergency clothes to wear until you’re able to get your luggage back or go out and buy some clothes.

What are some tips you recommend?



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