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Review: Prom Dress Australia

April 15, 2018

I don’t always get to dress up as much as I used to (my fault for not going out as much as before– but trying to change that), but when I do I adore wearing evening gowns when I get the chance to!
Since I’ve been working on losing weight, a good amount of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. But with my weight loss, I can get a new wardrobe so I’ve been trying to regrow my dress collection. I do tend to buy the clothes I get a bit smaller than having something more fitting since I am still working losing more weight so I’m more cautious when I’m buying my clothes now.
More recently, I came across Prom Dresses Australia. This site has a wide selection of dresses!

Something I appreciate about the dresses from Prom Dresses Australia is that they come in a wide selection of colours for all their dress. I find this unique because there’s a shade for everyone’s, unlike most typical dresses where there’s a single colour available. Along with that, they also have the dresses tailored to you!

I’m wearing their A-line/Princess V-neck Sleeveless Beading Lace Applique Long Tulle dress in silver. I was between getting this dress in pink, but I have a good amount of pink dresses that I thought it would be good to branch out into different colours. The fit is good (it’s a bit big because my size has been dropping) and the material is of high quality. Sometimes tulle dresses get really itchy for me, but this tulle dress I don’t even notice it. I adore beading on dresses, but sometimes it makes the dress a bit too heavy and uncomfortable over time. The beading on this dress is also subtle but really puts together the dress.

Some other dresses that I am eyeing from the site are that is different from the more formal evening gowns are the mini cocktail dresses.

Cocktail dresses are more versatile than evening gowns since you can wear them to about a black and white event, semi-formal event, or just to simply dress up.
My favourite ones from the site are:

I absolutely adore the 4th dress! Out of all of my picks, I think that’s my favourite one and hopefully, I’ll be able to add it to my collection soon~
Check out and let me know what some of your selections are! Prom and wedding season is coming up, and I’m sure you’ll be able to select some dresses for the occasion from Prom Dress Australia.
Note: This post is sponsored by Prom Dress Australi and includes affiliate links~
  1. This is such an awesome post and a good read especially if you’re in the market for dresses. I plan on attending a tea party soon and may be looking for a dress so thanks for putting me onto this website! Tulle makes me itchy as well heh love this gown on you though!

  2. Very cute dresses, thank you for posting. You look great! I also love that 4th cocktail dress, it is adorable!

  3. Thank you for the suggestion, I don’t need a specific reason to get dressed up! I’ll definitely check out Prom Dresses Australia. That dress looks great on you by the way! I think dress #1 is super cute!

  4. I can see why you like that 4th dress, it would look amazing on you! Thanks for sharing all the different selections you found: I’ll have to share this company whenever my friends ask about getting something new.

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