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Review: Eco at Heart Reusable Straws

March 30, 2018


Eco at Heart is a company that was started by a group of friends. In order to reduce waste, they decided to produce reusable metal straws. We all know there’s a lot of waste especially via plastic, so this is one way I believe that we can all take apart us to reduce our carbon footprint.

These straws are dishwasher safe and come with a handy brush in order to clean the inside of the straws which is brilliant. They are the only straws that I have tried that have a slightly wider diameter which is super helpful with thick shakes, smoothies, and boba! Also being stainless a steel straw makes it incredibly convenient for me to throw it in my bag (in a mini pouch, of course), without it being bent or crushed.


If you know me, I tend to drink a good amount of iced coffee and iced green tea. Green tea doesn’t stain the straw, but coffee does and the handy brush in convenient order to clean the inside of the straw. I have been trying to reduce my waste this past couple of years. When I was in college, I found avoiding plastics more challenging; now though, since I have my own place I have control over the items I choose.

I’ve been using these straws for the past week, and I find I increase my water intake when using a straw versus drinking out of a glass. Woot! I purchased my Eco at Heart Reusable Straws on Amazon.

Starting with myself to make less waste, I’ll be bringing on straw with me! Cheers to being environmentally friendly!


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