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how fantastic it is to with you, my love

February 5, 2018

I believe indulging in pretty clothing is just as important as indulging in chocolate and champagne this time of year. I think that’s always why I enjoy Christmas because you can give people gifts and I also like themes. That, or, it’s having another reason to celebrate any given holiday in the calendar year. Are you doing anything special with your sweetheart or besties?

Things I’m looking forward to crossing out on my bucket list this month:

  • Travel Plans: I’m going to be going on two trips in the next upcoming months! One is mainly for work but the other one is with friends! We need to settle the details soon (mainly flight)
  • Running: With all the exercise games I join, I finally joined RunBet. It’s the same concept as StepBet. I am still doing DietBet, but I’m at the point where I need to be more active. Boo, no more couch potato life for me.
  • 3-Part Project: I just started this arts and crafts project, and I’m going to divide it up into 3 months. I’m aiming to be done with it by the end of April/ early May. For the 1st part, I would like to get the smaller items done and get started on the patterning and such.
  • Makeup: I normally stick to 2 looks, but I want to start branching out! 

Similar things to what I’m wearing:





My attempt at taking photos part I

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