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December 16, 2017


Papillon is a restaurant located in East Bay (Fremont to be exact).  I had such high hopes for this establishment. I was looking forward to seeing what fine dining out elsewhere in the East Bay would be like. 

There seems to be a lot of effort going on at the restaurant. The ambience inside is quaint and has a very classic feel to it. The staff seemed eager, but ultimately everything was a bit off for the entirety of the meal.

This is my experience at Papillon…

After we got seated, I started off, I got pate (if you know me, I love, love pate). The waiter overheard I have been feeling sick, so he brought out hot water with lemon slices (+1 for the restaurant). My other friends got onion soup and creme mushroom for their appetizers.

So far, not so bad, but the wait in-between our appetizers and ordering our entree was a bit long. They were quite packed that night, so that’s understandable, but eventually, another waiter came.

After getting our orders taken, the side dishes came out. I got a side salad and the other two go the soup of the day. Maybe I’m being a bit picky here, but they didn’t offer cracked pepper. However, it’s odd when every other detail is very much attended too (e.g., they had orchids as well as real candles on the table). My seafood wellington was underwhelming. The puff pastry wasn’t flaky and soggy. I even bit into some crab shell.

I had a bite of my friend’s beef wellington, and that puff pastry was completely soggy.The meat was done to medium, rather than rare like how they wanted it. My other friend’s dish was a filet mignon, steak is kind of hard to mess up, but it was unbelievably dry.

It was kind of surprising that both of our wellingtons were underwhelming. Wellington is quite hard to master, but this restaurant’s review all praise their Wellington. Hm.

Now, as we’re waiting for our main dishes to get cleared, we notice how the two parties that came in after us are wrapping up and about to leave, but no one is attentive to us.  By the time we ordered dessert, I had to remind the waiter again that it’s my friend’s birthday. Our desserts didn’t take too long to come out, but the spoon I received to eat my cheesecake with was sticky.

I waved to the waiter to get his attention, and I told him that my spoon had a sticky residue on it. He came back, gave me the same spoon but it was wet. I’m assuming he went to go wash it instead of getting me a new one.

I wanted to like this place, I really did, but I don’t think I will be going here again.



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