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Jingle, jingle let’s mingle!

December 9, 2017

The holidays are coming, and that means office parties to lots of holiday parties until the New Years. I’m hosting one myself tomorrow. Unlike my Halloween Soirée, I’m going to have a smaller group of friends (aiming for it to be <15 people). I need to put away my bed to make more space in my studio, but that won’t be too hard.

Here’s an image of the table for the party.

I thought this post would be perfect as a GRWM look for the holidays.

Note: This post is long.


My hair is quite straight, and I’ve never been great using a curling iron, so what I do the night

before is wap my hair in two buns and sleep in them overnight. Like this:


I don’t untie them until an hour or two before I’m heading out to the party. But once I untie them, it’s a bit too curly that I brush through and spray in volumizing dry shampoo. Tying my hair always makes my hair look flat, and I love the big hair look, so once I have that voluminous hair I want I go in with curling iron at the end because I want some framed curls.



I normally don’t go that crazy with makeup, though I watch way too many makeup videos, I’m going to be rocking these looks for the holidays.

Before I start doing anything, I always prep my skin with moisturizer, sometimes I start with doing a face mask depending on how much time I have, and then I go in with my primer to my more troubling areas. I use different primers depending on the event and weather, but I included them all below:

For this look, I’ll be using two eyeshadow palates. One is a bit old, but Too Faced’s Le Grand Palais is my go-to platte (I like shimmery shadows). The other one I’ll be using is Morphe’s 35F Fall into Frost Eyeshadow Palette I got for my birthday.

A palette that I have been eying, though it’s somewhat similar to the Too Faced one is the new palette released by Nars. I wasn’t aware of it until after Black Friday/Cyber Monday/ VIB Insider Sephora Sale, but if I did I probably would have gotten it. Look how pretty it is!

I mainly used Too Faced’s platte, but I did use one shade in Morphe’s palltet. After preping my face, I used shimmery brown shade (Morphe 35F 2nd row, second shade from the right) and put it from the ends of my eyes until the middle. Once all blended, where the brown looks like it’s starting to transition, I went in with Too Faced’s Delightful and dabbed it in the center of my eyes. After applying one layer, I then went and put Arc de Trimphe on Delightful. Finishing up with eyeshadow, I then tight line my eyes and draw a thin line of eye liner, curl my lashses, apply false lashes, and put on mascara.

I wanted something more kind of vampyish, so I played around with multiple colors for my lipstick. I used an off pink color and a red color, but I then got some brown eyeshadow and applied a smudge in the center of my lips and blended it out.

Here’s the final product:

Key: fake lashes make a huge difference! Also, being extra is okay for the holidays. (Forgot to take a photo with my lashes on)


I am a dress girl, and on occasion I wear skirts but I have a hard time finding the perfect matching shirt.

But these are things I would wear/ will be wearing in order of formal, semiformal to causal wear (also including outerwear — have to have the outfit complete!):


For these events, I tend to rotate between these shoes:

I couldn’t find Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas, but a similar one to it is the last show on here. I’m dying to get my hands on Viver, but the style that I want doesn’t seem to be made anymore.

What are you wearing this holiday out? I would love to see it! Also, let me know if you like these posts or not! Always appreciate constructive criticism.



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