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Giveaway: Nordstrom Gift Card

November 29, 2017

The holiday season is here, and who doesn’t like to save some money while also giving gifts? I paired up with a couple of other bloggers to host a giveaway! Read more down below on how to enter to get a Nordstrom gift card!

Instead of listing my picks in a list (well there will be a list), I’ll be listing my picks and coordinating a majority of them into several outfits/ pairings.

To enter the giveaway — read below

For those dressing up kind of days, either for office parties or date night, I would wear something like this:

Get these items:

Out and about town:

During the colder months, I always have a coat with me. When I forget it, I always regret it. Underneath my coat, I tend to wear dresses or skirts. I actually have the corduroy dress and skirt, but in different colours (green and tan respectively)! I love how light and warm they are to wear.

Get these items: 
Lounging Around:


So when I lounge around, I tend to have comfortable pjs on (I also don’t like wearing pants so much so I always opt for shorts) with some fuzzy socks ..  Sometimes I gravitate towards reading, but  even if I’m watching a movie , I have a candle lit with some hot tea. How do you lounge around?

Other miscellaneous items:

 click on this link. There’ll you’ll get several different ways to enter the giveaway. You only have to do one to enter.  A simple one would just be commenting on this post (but then confirming it with the RaffleCopper site)!
The more you do on the list, the more entries that you get.  Good luck! The giveaway ends in two days!

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