This night is lonely, I can’t take any more

November 15, 2017

Some good news, I recently won a Give Away hosted by TBS for their show Search Party. It was an Instagram contest, and I can’t believe I won!  I’m not too sure which of the three prizes I won, but I hope I get the journal!

Search Party is a show that circles around a group of friends who becomes entangled in a mystery of a former college acquaintance suddenly disappears. I haven’t been able to find any shows that I really enjoy (besides the usual reruns of Futurama, Archer, and sometimes Family Guy), but I would definitely recommend it!

I don’t recommend this show to everyone, but TBS has all of season 1 episodes up on their site to binge watch until season 2 premieres.

Anyways, the 2nd season premiers this Sunday! Have you seen this show? Are you looking forward to season 2?


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