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Halloween Housewarming Prep

October 19, 2017

Throughout the last two weeks, I have done some DIY stuff. Some of them have been cutouts, but my backyard is quite big and I wanted to have it well-decorated. Also, I need to decorate the outside too!

Some/similar things I bought/made for decorations:

The previous weekend, Michael, Tim, and I went to Costco to buy food and miscellaneous items. We also went to a pumpkin patch after, but we ended up buying pumpkins from Trader Joe’s. But the pumpkin patch was really fun to be though!

Anyways, back to the prep.ย Here’s a photo of some of food items.

The night before the party, Friday the 13th, I started to make some apple cider crockpotย style, Tim started craving the pumpkins, made some chocolate dipped ghost strawberries, and we started to put up some decorations.

The day of the party, luckilyย I found a crockpot in my family’s storage so I had two crockpots going at the same time. One had the pulled pork and the other one had the meatballs and sausages. One of the pumpkins we bought was used to make soup.

Also, in my family’s storage, I was able to find a portable BBQ! I didn’t want to buy one, and I’m really glad they had one. When Tim opened it to set it up, it was brand new. I wonder when my parents got it and never used it.

Items I used / essential items for this housewarming:

Shout out to Tyler for getting me a foldable table! The other tables were used for sitting and eating and placement of food, but this table was the beer pong table. I even got eyeballs for beer pong.








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