SFS: MTT Celebrating Bernstien

October 11, 2017

The San Francisco Symphony opened its season with music by Bernstein.

As we were waiting, I wanted to use these cat whisker filter to take photos. But we got to the symphony hall quite earlier to hear the talk about Leonard Bernstein.

The talk wasn’t that crowded, more people came during the talk,  but I really enjoyed it! They showed clips of him being interviewed as well as a mini clip of one of the last symphony he conducted. He has such passion while he’s conducting!

Here’s Tim laughing at something I said.

Here’s Tim being very studious reading the pamplet.

I wanted to see if the camera would pick up images and put on whiskers, and it does! That’s MTT with whiskers.

Hehe, we’re cats.

But truly, I’m a princess, and he’s my prince (but he likes to call himself as a grey knight instead).

Here’s me just being weird like normal. 🙂

Due to the hurricanes, some musicians were at different entrances playing before the concert as well as during intermission to highlight the Red Cross donation box next to them. Also, this concert’s proceedings all went to the relief.

We never really get a full body shot of ourselves, since most of our photos are selfies as you can see from this post, so I asked this couple in front of us to take a photo of us. It kind of looks like we’re going to prom, but just in front of the symphony store. We should have been facing City Hall, and the building being lit up in the background would have been a better backdrop.

Similar things to what I’m wearing:


Similar things to what Tim is wearing: Suit: Topman, Tie: Similar, Shoes:

Anyways, I really, really enjoy this cat filter. And it took a while before the camera was able to pick up Tim’s eyes in order to give him whiskers.

I’m excited for the rest of the season! This season’s lineup is much better than last year’s lineup. Or it has more fun pieces. Last year, it was more technical pieces, and that’s enjoyable to see, but not every show.

Do you guys go to any musical concerts or shows? What’s your favourite?


  1. My daughter loves classical music. Hopping to take her to her first show soon. Love your outfit, very classy. And that filter so cute!

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