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Halloween House Warming Party Planning

October 6, 2017

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays to celebrate. You can do so many creative things for decorations, food, outfits, etc.

And after living here for three months, Tim and I are hosting a housewarming. It’s going to be Halloween themed because it’s October! If you know me, I love, love Halloween.

And like last time, I’m going to be using this post as an inspiration post.

Some ideas for decorations:

Mummy door

Blood candles 




ghost lights


Black wreath


Savory food:

Halloween Chex Mix

Stuffed pumpkin with sausage and gruyere 

Meatball Mummies


Bloody Cheesecake

Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Marshmellow cupcake toppers

Mummies truffles


Shrunken Apple Heads


Black lemonade


Hocus Pocus Punch

Are you hosting a Halloween themed party? What are your favourite Halloween treats? Do you have any recommendations?



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