Moving In: I

August 10, 2017

It’s been pretty stressful, but I have finally moved into my place!

Here’s how it looked like in the beginning:

The place hasn’t finished renovating yet, so I haven’t completely settled in and decorated the place as much as I want to.

Somewhat of a transition:

The walls are exceptionally empty. I need to put up some of the artwork and poster I have, do some DIYs, and then I think I’ll feel more settled in.

More of a transition:

A majority of all my furniture was from Craigslist! I got my couch, table, coffee table (turned into a bench for my table instead due to space), papasan, ottoman, and patio table all for free! I’m quite proud of myself actually!

The “big” purchases I bought were my bed, bed frame, full-length mirror, hot plate, and compact fridge. Of course, there’s the smaller purchases, utensils, dish ware, water filter, but I was able to save a lot of money.

Also, shout out to my friend Dustin who helped me moved my couch, fridge, and patio table.

I have a backyard as well. Once all the renovations are done and all the workers’ items are removed from my backyard, I’ll be able to do some planting. (I’ll have a post on that in the future too!) I’m mainly hoping to plant herbs, and I may plant some flowers but we’ll see.

The summer is winding down, and I’m debating to have a house (more so backyard) warming. There’s a good amount of other things I need to focus on, so we’ll see!




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