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Let’s Meat

June 26, 2017

I started off this summer with my boyfriend’s graduation. His family came from Texas and SoCal to see him walk, so the leading days to his graduation we traveled with his family meeting old friends and doing some sight-seeing.

But the following week, I went to eat at House of Prime Rib! I don’t think I have eaten here for over a year or so. Every time there’s an occasion, I am out-of-town. Regardless, I never have had a disappointing dinner here.Β The past couple of years, this place has been really busy (not that it wasn’t busy before). The Food Network featured them, and then a huge fluctuation of people started coming. Before, I believe I could walk in and wait maybe 30~45 minutes. Now, I don’t think walking in is a wise decision.

House a Prime Rib is a classic staple in San Francisco. Though it is a nice restaurant, it has an inviting casual ambiance. I would definitely recommend going here if you’re in the city!

The chef craves the prime rib at your table, or at close as he can get to your table so you can see all the meat.


Like always, I ordered the city cut with the mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. The group got a bottle of Jax wine. I’ve never heard that brand before, but we didn’t know what to order since the wine list only had the names and nothing else! That makes things pretty hard on deciding on a wine.

I ended my meal with dessert. I wanted to get another one, but we were going to get some sake afterwards.

On all these social occasions, I forgot to pictures of my outfit. I finally got my hair to stay in curls for the entire night too. Oh well. At least there’s a group photo this time. Β Next time!

More food posts coming soon!

Have you been to House of Prime Rib? Did you enjoy it? Any other recommendations in the City?

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