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It’s my life. If I’m going to waste it, gonna waste it on you. It’s my life. If I’m gonna waste it — I’ll be wasted on you.

May 22, 2017

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat this past week.

It’s my life. If I’m going to waste it, gonna waste it on you. It’s my life. If I’m gonna waste it — I’ll be wasted on you. Look what you did to me. I tell myself if I’m gonna fall, it’ll be from high places even when it hurts. At least, we loved hard. Didn’t we, baby?” -Fletcher

I asked my boyfriend out on a date this previous Saturday (Saturday is usually our date day and we normally switch from planning. Sometimes.). I wanted this date to be a surprise, no special occasion, so the only thing I told him was to dress warmish and be ready at 4 PM for me to pick him up.

Note: This post lacks pictures because I didn’t take any. Whoops.

 When I saw him, I gave him a blindfold to cover his eyes. I didn’t want him to know where we were going. Being I have to know where I’m going attitude, he guessed what street we were on and he guessed we were heading to Del Valle Regional Park. Ugh, I was annoyed.

Once we got there, we unloaded the car, and we found a place next to the river under the shade with not that many people. Surprisingly, there were so many people there!

I ended up packing/making a good amount of things since I wasn’t too sure how long we were going to be there for.

Turkey avocado sandwich
Italian sandwich
Kale salad with sliced almonds, cranberries, and bits of mandarins
Water infused with lemon, mandarins, and strawberries
Tea (for later at night)

We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting underneath the shade looking at the river, chatting, and napping.

Our date wasn’t over yet once it got dark! I wanted us to go stargaze too. We weren’t allowed to stay in the park after 9 PM, and you can only stay if you reserved a campsite. I didn’t know that, so that was a bummer. We’re hoping to go camping during the summer there, but we first need to look for some tents.

Instead, we went back to his place and watched ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ I love toothless. He is too cute.


Also, one of my friends, Jose, is now Tim’s roommate. He’s going to be an intern at the lab, and it was nice seeing him again. I made some strawberry cheesecake (in a mason jar) for him, but when I gave it to him it kind of melted. But it’ll solidify again once in the fridge! He gave me a Yoda plushie from Disney’s Tsum Tsum collection. I haven’t played that game for a while, but I forgot they had a StarWars special.

-will insert picture of Tsum Tsum later-

Anyways, this week is going to be a busy week. My last pset is due this week, and I’m only on the 3rd notebook. I’m really having a hard time, but hopefully, it’ll be done before Friday.





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