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Spring is here (and everyone is suffering due to allergies)!

May 19, 2017

It’s May!

I hosted a tea party to bring in spring (also to not be too bummed out not being able to go to Kentucky Derby Day — I always thought I would be going once I graduated college, but hopefully next year!)


The night before, I made all these treats in preparation (also had some help! Thank you, Desi!)

I got to the park a bit late, so I really anxious setting up everything before everyone arriving.

But it seemed to turn out alright, even with the little amount of time, so yay!

Here are some close-ups of the food served.

I forgot about getting a group shot of everyone, but I did get to get one picture of some peeps.


I’m wearing this perfect floral spring dress that’s from Charter Club! The biggest reason I love this dress is it actually falls into the right place on my petite frame. Normally when I want a longer dress I struggle to find one that still hits at the right place (not too long, not too short) but this one was perfect for my 5’1ish ~ 5’2″ self!








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