Invisalign Update I

May 17, 2017

I recently got my plan for my dentist, and I’m not too sure how long 5 appointments are, but I don’t like the final results.


Currently, this is how my teeth are:

Front view:

Side view (super overbite):


Final product



The bottom looks pretty straight, but the top I feel could use a bit more work in the front.


The overbite is not as bad as the beginning, but it’s still present. I would the overbite to go inwards more.

My overbite really bothers me, which is why I want to get Invisalign, but I wonder if there could be more changes to my overbite.

Since these were sent to me via email, I’m going to make an appointment with my dentist to discuss if there could be more changes to my upper teeth. If not, I don’t think I will be getting Invisalign. It’s pretty pricey, and I don’t believe I should go through with it when I’m not happy with it.



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