May 10, 2017

My posts are getting less frequent, kind of in a backlog.  But besides schoolwork and work keeping me occupied, it has been a whirlwind of emotions for me this month.

Prompt: Anywhere in the world

And there he is,
and it’s finally the day,
but he’s wearing his last goodbye on his face,
She can’t look at him.
She won’t look at him,
because she loves him.
And looking at him,
means forgetting,
means closing every door
that leads to his hand.

When they first passed by each other,
he firmly held onto her wrist
before she could leave.
He whispered sweet, but empty, promises
into her ear,
and she stayed with him ever since.

She loves him,
so she won’t meet his eyes,
or unshackle her unsteady deer-like legs
to get up from the sofa
and tell him to go and fuck himself
for making her love him
and not staying around
for the collateral.

With all his things packed,
he caresses her cheek and
kisses her forehead.
He says his goodbyes.
He promises he’ll come back
when he’s ready.

She sits on the sofa watching him leave. As he gets further and further away, where she no longer can see his figure in the window, she lets out a laugh of despair. I am not sad, she would repeat this over and over, I am not sad.

This was coming a long time ago.

She believed if she tried a bit more, things would finally work out. And that she could be able to look forward to growing with him, forward to becoming with him, forward to loving with him, forward to going anywhere in the world together.

All she wants to do is to kill the thing inside of her that still longs for him.


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