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The Cutest Cafe in California

May 8, 2017


I finally got to visit Cafe Maji located in Southern California! Being able to go to such a cute cafe made me feel really nostalgic for Paris/London/China/Korea!

Look at the cute cover case of the menu!


The decoration for the cafe is minimalistic, but it’s filled with cute little knick-knacks that don’t crash with each other. I loved this place so much I went here twice (when I first got to SoCal and when I was about to leave SoCal) — so pictures are from both of the days.

Throughout the restaurant, there were images of this Mr. Squirrel. I don’t really like squirrels, but I really enjoyed looking at this one (probably because of the mustache).

I squealed when I saw the Rilkakumas on the self. I adore Rilakuma, and if you know me I have a bunch of sets won through crane games (thank you, Dustin, for always winning them for me! ).


If you look on this shelf, you can see Kiki’s cat on the far right. It’s a cute add-on to the decor. My boyfriend and I were hungry, so we order this burger to share.

Don’t let that bear fool you, the burger was pretty hot! But the spice was different from the usual hot burgers. It was a spice that built up, and I prefer eating that type of spice more than the overwhelming hotness on your first bite.

Wearing: Floral Kimono (Similar) // Dress: Topshop (Similar) // Bracelet: Tory Burch Fit Bit Case

Besides the burger, my boyfriend got a cold brew (picture is the first picture on this post), and I got this cloud strawberry lemonade. You’re supposed to pour the syrup over the cotton candy before drinking the lemonade. It’s supposed to add more flavor, but I couldn’t help going in for cotton candy plain.

To top everything off, we had their special of the day: chocolate cake! The googly eyes made me think of the coal bunnies from Spirited Away. They also made an appearance in Totoro as dust bunnies if I’m not mistaken.

It wasn’t that sweet, but the both of us were so full that we couldn’t finish the cake.

We ended up going to Cafe Maji again before leaving SoCal.

The second time I went I ordered a lavender cappuccino and this rainbow cake. Look, at how they drew the bear with the foam!  The creme puff on the side was a nice touch to the cappuccino, but the cappuccino itself wasn’t that great. I think they just put drops of lavender in the cappuccino to give a lavender aroma, but I wished I ended up ordering a normal cappuccino.

The cake made the lavender taste better! I’m glad I ordered it. In case you couldn’t tell, I really enjoy my sweets.

These pictures got me noticing my bangs. My bangs are getting in the way on my face too much, where I’m started to get really frustrated. I messed up cutting my bangs last winter, and I tried to fix it by getting more hair from the back. That fixed my fringe, but since it’s spring my hair has grown out. I don’t need those extra hairs anymore, and the easiest solution is to just clip up my hair or wear headbands ( which I really love wearing). But  I wear my glasses most of the day at work, cause I’m running experiments most of the time and at the computer, so wearing a headband when you’re wearing glasses hurts because the headband lies on top of the glasses causing this squeezing motion over time.






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