March for Science on Earth Day

May 3, 2017


Instead of the marching on March for Science day, because I’m sore and a noodle from the BBG workout, I decided to volunteer for Livermore’s March for Science on Earth Day this past weekend.

Before the walk started, we had a couple of speakers talk (mayor of  Livermore, vice-president of UC National Labs, head of March for Science speak, etc).



I was an intersection crossing monitor. I basically stopped cars for people to walk across the street, or I stopped people from marching through ongoing traffic.

I was at the corner of Maple St. and Fourth st. Also, because it was right next to a church, there was a couple of weddings back to back, so traffic was a bit insane during some parts.

After the walk, there were a couple of booths set up to for science demonstrations. Some of the demos I saw before the march, but it was nice to see so many folks gather to walk for science! Below are some the pictures I was able to get!


After the march, I went to go meet up with a friend, and they brought their puppy with them. Kona is almost four months old, and she has an Instagram! Go follow her, so you have some cuteness added into your day.





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