Nihon Lounge

May 1, 2017

My officemate and I were talking about whiskey late one Friday afternoon, and he was telling me when he went to Japan has this Cobra whiskey that he’s been looking all over for back in the states. If you’re reading this and you’re wondering what cobra whiskey is, it’s actually as it sounds. It’s a cobra that’s drowned into whiskey. I haven’t tasted it before, but it’s supposed to be a very memorable experience.

I was telling him about this whiskey lounge in San Fransico called Nihon Lounge. I have been here before, and I didn’t remember if they did or didn’t have the cobra whiskey he was craving, but regardless they have a fine selection of whiskey that it wouldn’t hurt checking it out.

Having such a bad week that week, and knowing my officemate was going to head into the city for a show I suggested us to go visit this lounge. My favorite whiskey of all time is the Hibiki whiskey. I’ve only had the harmony, 12th year, and the 17th year but I don’t remember that. I was going to get my normal harmony glass, but I decided hey let’s get something new.

I ended up ordering the Ohishi ‘Single Barrel Sherry Casket.’ It was a very smooth taste and sweet, which is what I tend to prefer when drinking. Okay, on with the food at this lounge:

This fried avocado was so good! I don’t think I have ever had a fried avocado before wrapped in tempera. Nom, nom.

Here’s another image so you can see the glory of it, haha.

The marcel, though was fresh, wasn’t too different from any other marcel dish I’ve had. I wouldn’t order this again.

I love, love wagyu. How they prep this meat was drenching it into broth (pretty sure it was beef broth mixed with other things) to get it really juicy and then grill it enough to where it’s seared.

This was the healthy dish I order at the lounge. With all the other dishes, I wanted something more green. It’s a kale salad with blood orange topped with egg flakes (there’s a for that, but I can’t remember it).

I didn’t order this octopus, my office mate did, and he really enjoyed it. I was more on the neutral side where the dish was good, but not anything spectacular.

I wished they offered more skewers, but this pork belly skewer was one of the main ones. I feel like most Japanese lounges tend to have their menu with a variety of skewers, but it’s probably because this place offered a lot of other varieties they didn’t want to have too many options in the skewer department?

I wrote up there I wasn’t a big fan of octopus, except for a few exception dishes, but the octopus that was fried here was perfect! It was crispy on the outside, and it was just the right amount of tenderness to make it chewy.

Have you ever gone Nihon Lounge before? Did you enjoy it? Are there any other lounges in San Franciso that you like? I’m looking for a sake lounge in the Bay Area. Do you have any recommendations?



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