Bag talk: Gucci Dionysus (Review)

April 27, 2017

I’ve never been a Gucci fan, but I’ve been eying Gucci’s Dionysus bag for a while. After a good amount of time debating and having a bad week where my mentality went to “treat yo self,” I bought it.

I went back and forth if I wanted the original print or the one with the blooms embroidery Dionysus bag, but I stuck with the classic print.

(Images of the bags are from Gucci’s site)

I am thinking of getting the blooms print wallets, though. I’m not too sure which one yet, but these were the top ones that I’m thinking of getting:  garden floral wallet, Blooms card case, II variation of Blooms card case, III version of Blooms card case.

I know that buying material things don’t solve your problems, but there’s some comfort of having something you can call your own.

Anyways, off to my review on my new bag:


The bag comes in three sizes: baby, mini, and regular/medium. I ended up purchasing the medium size bag. I have a smallish/medium cross body bag already, and I’m trying to move away from bigger sized bags (mainly because I end up stuffing way too many items and the bags gets too heavy for me to carry over time. Oh, this bag is quite heavy with not that much stuff in it too — it keeps me in check with item management).


A couple of specifications of this bag:

  • Beige/ebony GG Supreme canvas, a material with low environmental impact, with taupe suede detail
  • Antique silver toned hardware
  • Pin closure with side release
  • Tiger head spur (I love this detail the most on the bag!)
  • Hand-painted edges
  • Interior zippered compartment
  • Pocket under the flap
  • Sliding chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap or  a top handle
  • Tiger head closure
  • Small size: W28cm x H17cm x D9cm
  • Suede lining with GG Supreme canvas inside the pockets
  • Made in Italy



The reason this bag is called Dionysus is because of its tiger head closure. Some background on Dionysus — Dionysus is the son of Zeus, and he’s the god of wine,  pleasure, festivity, and madness. According to the myth, Zeus sent him a tiger to cross Tigris river to continue his travels.

So far, this bag has served me well! Before I purchase a bag, I always consider the versatility of it. I do like bags that are more for formal wear, like this one, but moving everything back-and-forth frequently from bag-to-bag is a hassle. In my experience, I always tend to not move something I need in the new bag, or there’s not enough room. But the Dionysus has been able to complement more of my dressed up outfits and my laid-back outfit.

Although this bag doesn’t seem too big, it’s actually quite spacious. It has 4 compartments: 2 big ones with suede lining, one with a zipper and canvas lining and one pocket at the front of the bag. Also, I love how the straps make it easy for the bag to become a crossbody to a shoulder bag. Lately, I’ve been wearing it as a cross body, but I like it as a shoulder bag too.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my new bag!  Do you have any bags that you’ve been eying? I’m hoping to get an Alexander McQueen clutch soon (maybe something like this, long version of a clutch ,  semi-classic, or this classic one)! And then, finally, the holy grail, the Birkin from Hermès. I still don’t know what colour I would want that bag in though. Orange is probably the most iconic, but if I could have a Hermès special order bag…

~ Elizabeth




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