Any two points can make a line, but I can never make you mine.

April 24, 2017

I haven’t done these in a while, but this writing challenge series is one of the older ones that I took on. I’m planning to complete all the ones I start this time!

Prompt: Wrong Way

You can read by clicking below.

“Here – right here,” as he pointed to his chest and handed her the knife. She wanted to have a piece of him for herself – all to herself- and he was going to let her have his heart. As she started cutting along the dotted lines that she envisioned on his flawless body, she realised something. She was cutting the shape all wrong.

She stopped halfway letting the blood run out in perfect streams of tears. He looked at her wondering what was wrong, begging her to continue. She blinked cruelly and said, “I thought I wanted it, but aren’t you being too cruel?”

She turned away from him and began walking away. Arms wrapped around her preventing her from leaving, and she felt her heart begin to sink. He held her and cried, “Where are you going?”

This was becoming unbearable. As she clenched her teeth,  she started to feel anger and rejection pouring through her as he was the only man she had every loved. She hissed, “I’ll forget you — since I can never have what I truly want from you.” Tears began to stream down her cheeks as her emotions assaulted her from every angle.

She whispered, “Your love.




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