Bikini Body Guide (BBG)

April 21, 2017

I recently moved closer to my work. Prior this, I was living with my parents, and the commute from home to work wasn’t that bad. It got harder when I started to take courses at Stanford. I found myself getting increasingly tired, and the time I spent driving home I saw it better for me to focus on my school work.

17858633_1295587817186810_303805646_o.jpgI’m not too sure how long I’ll be living at this place, but I think for the next 3-4 months — max 6 months. I did apply to this summer program(really hope I get in), so I will be gone for most of August if I get in. I think that will be the time for me to move out.

I finished first Step Bet challenge on Easter Sunday! The last two weeks were such a challenge. I was able to make my money I placed down back as well as an addition $10! I am a couch potato, especially since I’ve moved back to the Bay Area. I’m planning to join more challenges, but I think a week or two of a break is good since I’m finally getting started with the BBG (Bikini Body Program).

I got the workout book and eating guide back in January, but I didn’t want to start yet. Anyways, the program is as following:

  • Beginner  Training
  • Block 1 (Week 1 – 4)
  • Block 2 (Week 5- 8)
  • Block 3 (Week 9- 12)

I officially started on Monday, April 17th, and I was barely able to finish the circuit. To be honest, I wanted to cry and curse myself out for doing this, but I’m also the cry baby in my friend group(s) so…. Anyways, if this doesn’t let know you I’m really out of shape, I don’t know what else will.

Okay, time for the pre-progress photos. I didn’t want to take super detailed before progress images, but these were the ones was the most comfortable I was with posting on my blog.

Off to getting healthier and being fit!

There’s a lot of BBG fans out there. Are you one? Let me know about your health/fit journey! I would love to hear it!


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