April 10, 2017


Woot, I’m going to be getting Invisalign! I went into my dentist’s office the other day to get my consultation, so that means getting my teeth molded and X-rayed. Now, the mold and the x-ray has to be sent to Invisalign itself to see if I’m a candidate for them (my dentist reassured me that I will be– still crossing fingers though!).  In about a couple of weeks, I should be hearing back from my dentist to come back into the office and see how my teeth will turn out with Invisalign.


Note: I’m not getting sponsored by Invisalign, or by my dentist, but I just want to document my journey and progress!

But before I start my treatment, I’d like to share why I decided to straighten my teeth. After the removal of my baby teeth, my adult teeth started to grow in, and my teeth were growing in crooked and overcrowded. During middle school, I got my first set of braces, and every month I would go into my orthodontist’s office to tighten my teeth. I remember not being able to eat anything for the first couple of days besides yogurt. The pain was real.

13233008_1012326508846277_403146162540462425_n.jpgFrom freshman year of high school through most of college, I experienced a perfect smile. But slowly,  my teeth shifted.  My mother mentioned to me that my teeth were shifting, but I personally didn’t notice it until my senior year of college (even more so during graduation/senior year photos).

Whenever I would take photos and smile, I would try my best to not smile too widely, but when I did, I would notice my overbite and shifted teeth. After having braces for over three years, I didn’t want to relive the traditional metal brackets and multi-colored rubber bands, which I used to change to match each season.

Ever since I have moved back to California, straighten my teeth has been on my mind. I didn’t want braces, again. I brought up my teeth when I went to my dentist, and she asked me what were my problems areas. (She didn’t think my teeth were very crooked and could tell that I had braces before, but it’s just enough to bother me to want it to be fixed.) I, then, asked her about Invisalign and if they would work for my teeth. I wanted that nearly invisible, removable aligners that are used to gradually straighten teeth without brackets or wires. My friends told me they saw a noticeable change in their smiles within just a few months, so I’m beyond excited to get the process started and see for myself.

Fast-forward to my next consultation appointment, here we are today. I’m beyond excited to get the process started.

Straight teeth here I come!



In these pictures, you can see my overbite and some of my teeth shifting. It was hard to post these up, but progress photos are important!

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