Glow time ~ Review!

April 8, 2017


Ek, not such a great photo. Sorry about that!

I’m subscribed to Sephora’s Play! beauty box, and March’s month’s theme is glow! I’m always excited to get my box in the mail monthly. Besides the tips they give you in the pamphlet, they also email you a video with a Sephora Beauty Stylist of how to actually apply things on. I adore makeup, but it’s hard for me to shy from things I’m used to and having this Play! box introduces me to brands that I normally wouldn’t pick up or try. Also, all these sizes are great for travel / on-the-go and it all comes in this small drawstring bag! I haven’t been disappointed in any of the products I’ve received, as of yet, and I’ve been a member for almost a year. Anyways, off to the review!


I have tried the Chloe’s perfume before, but I haven’t used that scent in so long it was a nice refresher. I’m not too sure if I would buy a full bottle though. I’m currently enjoying Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Kiss perfume.


Also, shout out to my eyebrow lady! I asked for a more straight shaped, and I loved how they turned out. Starting with a bare face, I start with Glamglow’s moisturizer. I let it set, and I go in with my It Cosmetic foundation and Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. 


Moving forward, I put on an eyeshadow primer, and then I apply Bobbi Brown’s long wear cream shadow all lover my lids. I love the application of it. It’s creamy, but it’s very easy to apply (it’s very comparable to Bobbi Brown’s shadow stick.). I decided to also add in some brown shadow (Colourpop’s Deux from Jennim’s collaboration — currently sold out) to smooth out the shadow stick.


Noticing the lack of glimmer, I put some of Sephora’s Minuit magique glitter (the one I have is the pink one, but it seems they don’t have that anymore?)  on where the shadow stick was applied. After putting on some mascara and eyeliner, here’s how my eyes look. If I have some fallout, I tend to go back in with some of my concealer to cover it up. Luckily, there was no fallout this time! Now, for the blush, I used MAC’s Nutcracker sweet peach face compact. There’s still some on Amazon if you want it! The price is a bit much for blush. Thank god I’m not at pan yet, but I do love this blush. It gives me a soft pink, semi-dollish like. I got it on my trip to San Diego last fall for SfN, and my friend Sarah said I had to get it. Peer influence is strong.


Next, I applied Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighter on my nose, top of my cheek bones, and above my cupid’s bow.  I’ve heard so many good reviews from my friends when this product first came out, but with all the new highlighters that come out so frequently I forgot all about this one. The highlighter on my nose is strong! Highlighter game on!

The last step is to put on lipstick! Since this is a more peach~ pink tone makeup, I decided to go with a lighter lip color.  Sorry about this post being in April, but I normally don’t get the box shipped to me until the middle of the month. I wanted to play around with the items a bit more too to create a look and write a more thorough review.


On a more realistic note, you’ll probably see me wearing my glasses in-person more often than contacts, so I chose to include in an image with how this looks with glasses.  Not a big fan of how I look in glasses, but after a while wearing contacts is uncomfortable. Also, I’m quite blind, so that’s probably adds to it.

Are you subscribed to any makeup boxes? What do you think about having a subscription if you have one? Are you also a Sephora Play! member? Tell me what your thoughts were on your beauty box this month!

Till next time’s Play! box,



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