April 5, 2017

I attended Crow Canyon Cat Club — Cat Show this previous weekend. I’ve never gone to a cat show prior to this. I heard about this show through Groupon, since they were doing discounted tickets. Groupon ended up lying, and those discounted tickets were for children only. Lucky me, I found some discounted tickets via Goldstar. The original tickets weren’t expensive, to begin with, but I think it’s because I saw them priced for really cheap and then not being true that made me want/ need to find a discount. Do you ever get like that?


The owner left this cat’s (grey cat above) toy on top of their cage, and I took that as an open invite to play with him. He looked asleep at first, but as soon as I put the feather in the cage he was awake and ready to play.


I knew I always liked Persian cats, but I don’t think how much until I saw these many of them. They are super fluffy and soft. Looking at this image now, it looks like the cat is meowing telling his/her owner to continue feeding them. I was watching the owner feed their cat, and they asked me if I wanted to pet them. Oh my gosh, when I petted this cat, it was the most fluffy cloud in the world.


The show was located at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. When I walked in, they had a booth of cats ready to be adopted. Walking further into the building, lots of the cats were in their cages or being groomed getting ready for their competition. Some of the cats that were out of their cages, either being groomed, fed, or relaxing.


As the judging was going on, these two Persian cats were pawing each other. I took it as flirting through the cage. Hehe.


After the show, I headed to Walnut Creek’s outdoor mall. It was actually my first time there and my first time in Walnut Creek! The variety of stores were about the same as any typical mall, but it’s an outdoor mall. The weather wasn’t too hot or too cold, so it made walking around there pretty nice.


I browsed around for a while, because dinner plans with a group of friends wasn’t too far from the mall. I went to the Nordstrom there, and I saw these sunglasses s I really wanted. I stopped myself, though! I’ve been on a streak of losing nice sunglasses (6 pairs to be exact from middle school – college ) that I have told myself not to buy any nice sunglasses anymore. Maybe one day I can forgive myself for losing so many nice sunglasses.


Dress: CeCe // Shoes: Nine West // Bracelet: Tory Burch Fit Bit (right arm) Diamond Bracelet (left arm — similar) // Purse: Alexander McQueen 

IMG_3485Later that evening, my friend had a group event at Lucille BBQ.  It was my first time at Lucille’s BBQ. My boyfriend and I ended up sharing a dish together. For the main course, we got tri-tip and the sides were french fries, mac & cheese, and cornbread. We didn’t like our main dish too much because it was really dry! It was unusual, and our friend ended up giving us a piece of his ribs. We should have stuck with our first choice of getting the ribs, but I guess my boyfriend really wanted tri-tip. Regrets were made that night.

Since this post is overloaded with cats, did you know Modcloth currently has a tcat  section?  I know some of the stuff looks a bit tacky, but I really want a good number of these items.

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