March 29, 2017


IMG_3200It was one of those nights where I  ended up in the city watching the San Francisco Symphony perform. The pieces played were modern (composed mostly in 1940s, I believe), which is different from the usual symphonies I go to.

My seat was in the 1st premier tier! I don’t think I have ever been that far before, but it was a different experience. +2 for new experiences for me.

SeatingChart_DSHThe song played were: The Seasons by Cage, Europa & the Bull by Robin Holloway, and Concerto for Orchestra by Batók. My favorite piece of the night was: Cage’s fall going into winter from The Seasons and Bartók’ last movement of his Concerto for Orchestra (Click here to listen to a snippet of it).

The second piece, The Bull, was good, but I didn’t like it as much compared to the other two.

The one thing I wasn’t such a fan of during The Seasons was the projector of images art. Yes, it was cool, along with the lights next to the musicians, but I like to take music in and listen to it.  Kristina, my best friend from college, also calls me a Victorian. I take it as a compliment, but she’s right. I like things a bit more traditional.


For this concert, I ended up wearing this more feminine semi-lace chiffon dress, layered it with a cardigan, and topped it off with this leather jacket. The dress itself creates a very chic, sleek look, but then the leather jacket makes me feel like a cool, bad chick. Also, San Fransisco, or the Bay Area, has been raining off-and-on, so I needed some weather protection!



Also, shoutout to one of my dearest friends, Desirae aka Nana, for giving me these beautiful pearl earrings from Na Hoku for Christmas. She, then, gave me the necklace that matches with these earrings for Valentine’s day. I wasn’t able to wear it this time, but next time!

I’ve seen Na Hoku before when I walked past it in Westfield’s Vally Fair, but I never stepped foot in there. Na Hoku specializes in pearls and “island” jewlery. They do have some of the more typical items, but it’s a small selection.

Nana took me in there towards the end of last year, and these were one of the earrings that I was looking at. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful best friend! Also, looking at this photo since I put some of my hair behind my ear, it looks like I’m semi-bald right there. Whoops.

Earlier this week, I was browsing through next year’s program, and the lineup SFS has next season is a pretty decent. It was also my 6 month (yes, I know, I know it sounds very cheesy) anniversary with my boyfriend, so I ended up buying us both subscription for next season as a present. More occasions for me (and him) to dress up!

Dress: Japanese Boutique ~ similar // Shoes: H&M Platform Heels ~ similar // Earrings: Na Hoku // Purse:  Betsey Johnson // Jacket: Guess // Sweater:  Grey Cardigan (You can’t really see it, but I swear it’s there!)

Do you guys go to music or theater shows? Let me know! Maybe we’ll run into each other if you’re in the Bay Area!




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