March 23, 2017

Do you like to bake? I really enjoy baking, but I don’t find myself doing it too much. When I get the opportunity to, I’m thrilled to try something new! (Or just recreate a staple)

Last weekend, I made cake using a rice cooker! It wasn’t the first time I’ve made cake using a rice cooker, but it was the first time I’ve made green tea cake.


I’m not a fan of green tea sweets, but the birthday boy likes green tea cake so green tea cake it was. The cake is topped with melted white chocolate, strawberries, blueberries, and chocolate sticks.

Here’s the recipe for the cake.

Next time, I won’t use melted white chocolate to replace frosting. The white chocolate seems to make the cake dense (if that’s the right word). Most of the time green tea is paired with white chocolate, but maybe if the fruit was dipped in white chocolate or had drizzles of white chocolate.


Since I’m not a fan of green tea, I also decided to make fudge brownies. They aren’t anything special, but I topped them with berries and sliced almonds.

There’s a couple of more recipes that I want to try, so I’ll snap some pictures and post it up here if I get the chance to.

What’s your favorite sweet?

Till next time,


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