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My Black Friday Haul

By on November 25, 2017

Hello Everyone! You may have seen my Instagram stories, but I wanted to share with you some of the items I purchased this Thanksgiving weekend.

I know a lot of people who are really excited about Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and it’s the only time they actually go shopping). I have a friend that actually has a list of all the deals and things she wants/has been eying. I don’t shop during this time, mainly because the things I tend to want normally aren’t on sale, but this year I found amazing deals on some of the things I like and presents for others.

A majority of my items were bought online, so I don’t have them in person yet but I’m looking forward to them in the mail!

Read more to see what I got: 

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Black Friday Picks at Shein

By on November 22, 2017

Although California doesn’t snow in the winter, it doesn’t mean the temperatures don’t drop! The weather changing also means it’s time to switch out wardrobes.

It’s difficult justifying buying nice, thicker coats since it doesn’t get that cold compared to the East Coast when you need something that’s a bit thicker than a cardigan.

Luckily, Shein’s Massive Black Friday sale is coming up! Spruce up your wardrobes with’s latest promotion without breaking the bank. Use these codes just to make sure to save up:

Get $10 off over $79          CODE: LIS10
Get $15 off over $105        CODE: LIS15
Get $30 off over $200        CODE: LIS30

Some of my picks:

Boyfriend Blazer; Tweed Sweater; Plaid Sweater; Tan Coat

I found these cute coats on Shien, and out of these, my favourite one is the tan one. I ended up purchasing it, and it should be here later this week. (I’ll update this post with images of it or write another post reviewing my purchase from Shein — haven’t really decided yet.)

The other thing on this site I was eying at was their dresses for holiday parties or night out. I ended up getting:

Flutter Wrap Dress; Shoulder Red Dress; Black Flower DressPink Bow Dress

Other cute clothes that I really enjoy are:


Happy shopping! Let me know if you ended up purchasing anything from them and how you like it! Happy Thanksgiving !



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