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I would have only given you love .

By on November 1, 2017

Everything is horrible, and I feel like my life is falling apart. There’s this rotting feeling in me, where the earth’s gravitational pull sits in the shape of a disk beneath you like the center of the universe swallowing itself in its core, silencing the air through willing suffocation.

But not to be too personal in this post, these past few weeks I have been swamped with work,which was hard to do since my glasses broke and wearing contacts all day and staring at a screen isn’t fun, juggling coursework / graduate school applications, and trying to fix my bust up life (kind of).

My bucket list for November:

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Glow time ~ Review!

By on April 8, 2017


Ek, not such a great photo. Sorry about that!

I’m subscribed to Sephora’s Play! beauty box, and March’s month’s theme is glow! I’m always excited to get my box in the mail monthly. Besides the tips they give you in the pamphlet, they also email you a video with a Sephora Beauty Stylist of how to actually apply things on. I adore makeup, but it’s hard for me to shy from things I’m used to and having this Play! box introduces me to brands that I normally wouldn’t pick up or try. Also, all these sizes are great for travel / on-the-go and it all comes in this small drawstring bag! I haven’t been disappointed in any of the products I’ve received, as of yet, and I’ve been a member for almost a year. Anyways, off to the review!

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By on April 1, 2017


Spring break is over, and the spring quarter is about to start (April 3rd). Though I have a full-time job, I also take courses at Stanford as an SCPD( Stanford Center for Professional Development).I really enjoy school and classes, and I missed being a student after being out of school for a year. I had my first course as an SCPD student last quarter, and I’m continuing this SCPD journey this quarter.

I’m aiming to take get a Biomedical Informatics: Data, Modeling, and Analysis Graduate Certificate, and then maybe applying as a Master’s or Ph.D. student. Not too sure yet, but some rough plans to move forward as of now.

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