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Summer Travels

By on July 15, 2017

It seems like everyone is traveling this month! I haven’t gone anywhere exciting, but I do have a couple of events to dress up for.

Anyways, one of my close co-workers asked me to do some inspiration for her upcoming trip to Vegas, and I couldn’t say no! This post is dedicated to you, Lauren.


off shoulder
Long car rides or flights are always a pain, but you can still look cute! The key is comfortability (for me, it’s a bit more loose clothing)! I do know some people who end up wearing sweat pants and when they arrive at their destination they change out to different clothes. In the case you don’t want to do that, I would go with some boyfriend jeans and a nicer top to look put together but you’ll also be comfortable.


Other ones:

Maison Jules Flutter-Sleeve Gingham Shirt, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules
Maison Jules Striped Off-The-Shoulder Flounce Top, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules
Maison Jules Striped Lace-Yoke Top, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules
Maison Jules Off-The-Shoulder Flounce Top, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules
Maison Jules Striped Off-The-Shoulder Top, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules
Maison Jules Cotton Strawberry-Print T-Shirt, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules
Women’s Topshop Jamie High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans • Topshop
Women’s Dl1961 ‘Emma’ Power Legging Jeans • DL1961
Women’s 1822 Denim Roll Cuff Ankle Skinny Jeans • 1822 Denim

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Adulting Part: I

By on July 13, 2017

I recently got approved for an apartment near where I work. It was a bit hard deciding if I wanted to move home or to stay in town (from the beginning of this year till now, I have been renting a room). But weighing the pros and cons, I ended up deciding to stay around.

There’s some remodeling that needs to be done before I move in. If everything is done (by the date they said), I’ll be moving in at the end of this month. Anyways, I’ve been planning what to get, where to get them, how to decorate, and here’s some of my inspiration.

I haven’t decided if I wanted to go for a certain theme, but I’m thinking of neutral colors.

Home Inspo

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Let’s Meat

By on June 26, 2017

I started off this summer with my boyfriend’s graduation. His family came from Texas and SoCal to see him walk, so the leading days to his graduation we traveled with his family meeting old friends and doing some sight-seeing.

But the following week, I went to eat at House of Prime Rib! I don’t think I have eaten here for over a year or so. Every time there’s an occasion, I am out-of-town. Regardless, I never have had a disappointing dinner here. The past couple of years, this place has been really busy (not that it wasn’t busy before). The Food Network featured them, and then a huge fluctuation of people started coming. Before, I believe I could walk in and wait maybe 30~45 minutes. Now, I don’t think walking in is a wise decision.

House a Prime Rib is a classic staple in San Francisco. Though it is a nice restaurant, it has an inviting casual ambiance. I would definitely recommend going here if you’re in the city!

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Little update

By on June 16, 2017

School is finally over, and things seem a bit less hectic but not so much at work.

These past two months have been quite difficult, and I spent a considerable amount of time reflecting, redefining, evaluating myself and so forth, and I believe things are getting better.

I hope that explains what I have been a little quieter than normal, but thank you all so much for reading and still staying around!




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